Business Class

Well, business class, what more needs to be said? Hehe!
So, I went to Chicago O’Hare airport and wanted to check in with Lufthansa. I have silver status with both Lufthansa and Thai, however the economy line wasn’t long so I just went to check in normally like everyone else. Soon it was my turn and after I put my bag on the balance, the woman told me that it’s too heavy and costs US$50 or I have to take out 4 kgs. It weighed 27 kgs, and when I came from Brisbane it weighed the same, but I didn’t have a problem. So I explained that I am flying around the world and that the first leg was no problem, that this has never happened before and that I have silver status which is supposed to give me higher baggage allowance anyway. She refused. I was not going to pay $50, so I said I will come back later and proceeded to the ticket counter to complain. There was a line as well and so I decided to just go to the business class check-in with my silver card. The first class counter happened to be free and there was not even a balance for the baggage, so no problem.
Well, to make a long story short, in the end and unrelated to my baggage incident I got a business class window seat 🙂 Very very pleasant!
Internet on planes is free these days because they will shut down the service at the end of the year, what a shame, but at least I could write this (and the 2 coffee) blog entry about flying while I am flying.

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