Today, as a matter of urgency, I am addressing a very serious issue. No, I am not talking about Spooning. I hope we all know about that already…
No, on the contrary I am talking about a rather atrocious activity: using a spoon when preparing a cappuccino.
Please DO NOT EVER use a spoon!
Wikipedia explains what a cappuccino is and clearly no spoon is required.
Of course, once someone tries to make a cappuccino without the spoon it becomes clear that the milk needs to be around 70 degrees Celsius and not hotter and the person frothing the milk needs some skill and practice, which would also be applied when preparing the coffee. Thus a spoon moratorium would result in the improvement of not only the froth of cappuccinos but also the experience in general.

No Spoon

I propose an anti-spoon movement with the goal of a general spoon-moratorium. I already made this symbol, which we can print on stickers and t-shirts and hand out to every approved café as a sign that spoons are not used. In the near future we can avoid all cafés without stickers.

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