Pizza #3 – The Dough

Now it is time to do some kneading.

1: Put the water in a large bowl. I prefer to use a wide steel bowl. Make sure it is hand warm (30-35 C). Heat if necessary.

2: Add the yeast, add a few grams of flour. Wait for the yeasty smell. It tells you that the yeast is good.

3: Add the olive oil, a third of the flour, then the salt. Mix with spoon until smooth. Keep adding flour while mixing until the dough becomes too thick for the spoon.

4: Use one hand to knead, while slowly turning the bowl with the other. Knead until you have a smooth dough that doesn’t stick or rip easily. Add as much flour as necessary, but do it slowly. Knead for at least 15 minutes, the longer the better.

5: Cover bowl with wet kitchen towel, let it sit in warm area (eg. on top of fridge, in a warmed oven or on the heater) ideally at around 30-35 C. Dough is ready when doubled in size, usually after 1-2 hours.

6: Knead dough again, add flour if necessary. Separate into equal sized balls, one for each pizza. I use scales for that, but that’s just me. Keep the balls floured or separated so they won’t stick together again.

kneading pizza dough

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