Right-click to play DVD folder on a Mac

Have you ever just wanted to double-click or right-click a DVD folder in Finder to play it back in DVD Player?
Here is the solution:

In Snow Leopard a “Service” is conveniently added to the context menu. The easiest way to create a “Service” is Automator.
Open Automator and select “Service”:
Automator New Project

Then select “folders” in “Finder”:

Automator Service configuration

Add the action “Run AppleScript” and enter the following script:

on run {input, parameters}
  if (input as string) contains "VIDEO_TS" or ((list folder input) as string) contains "VIDEO_TS" then
    tell application "DVD Player"
      open dvd video folder input
    end tell
  end if
  return input
end run

Now save the Service with a short name, eg. “Play DVD folder” and right/Ctrl-click any file in Finder. The command is on the bottom of the menu and works when you choose a DVD folder.

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