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Melbourne photos

Finally, another post and more photos. This time photos of Melbourne taken on different days in autumn 2011. Link to album

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Lately, the occurrence of disruptive news seems rather frequent. With “disruptive” I mean news that make you stop, wonder and reevaluate something, as opposed to “ah, interesting news. Hm, maybe not so interesting after all, what’s next..?”

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Be Sustainable, Environmental, Responsible by Not Being a Vegetarian

The controversial title made you curious? Let me illustrate to you that it is not just attention seeking but actually a valid statement. In case you are not aware, production of meat is considered a major contributor to man-made climate … Continue reading

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South Yarra train track flooding

Slightly delayed, but I thought I should put a link to my most famous video here: Almost 9000 views at the time of writing this 🙂 I shot it during the huge rain on 4 Feb 2011 while waiting under … Continue reading

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