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Be Sustainable, Environmental, Responsible by Not Being a Vegetarian

The controversial title made you curious? Let me illustrate to you that it is not just attention seeking but actually a valid statement. In case you are not aware, production of meat is considered a major contributor to man-made climate … Continue reading

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Time lapse experiment #2 – rising sourdough

Again using gawker ( I spied on my sourdough, which was rising in a water bath before being made into a bread. Click “continue” to see the finished product.

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Pizza #3 – The Dough

Now it is time to do some kneading. 1: Put the water in a large bowl. I prefer to use a wide steel bowl. Make sure it is hand warm (30-35 C). Heat if necessary. 2: Add the yeast, add … Continue reading

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Pizza #2 – The Toppings

In my last post i completely forgot to mention the toppings… Well, now that you already have the base ingredients, you have to go to the shops again to buy the toppings. Definitely buy the essentials. With all other toppings: … Continue reading

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