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Time lapse experiment #2 – rising sourdough

Again using gawker (http://gawker.sf.net) I spied on my sourdough, which was rising in a water bath before being made into a bread. Click “continue” to see the finished product.

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Cost of living – re-examined

When the whole world is frightened by a supposed economic crisis, it is good to keep some calm through a reality check. A recent article on the value of biodiversity¬†(in German) provided just that. The article talks about an ongoing … Continue reading

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Why Excel is used by scientists…

Yesterday I finally found out why some fellow scientists use Excel to analyse their data. There are many much better tools for the job, such as the free, open-source and multi-platform statistics package R¬†or well known packages like Matlab or … Continue reading

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EPR Analysis Software

My first science post! I wrote some software some time ago to analyse EPR power saturation spectra. The usefulness of my software has been publicly acknowledged recently, so I felt that I should also release it publicly.

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