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Lately, the occurrence of disruptive news seems rather frequent. With “disruptive” I mean news that make you stop, wonder and reevaluate something, as opposed to “ah, interesting news. Hm, maybe not so interesting after all, what’s next..?”

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Home is Not a House

(referring to a song by Candy Dulfer, or covered by her) But a house is a good start. The exciting news:

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Government 2.0

I am sure this has been blogged more than enough: http://www.youtube.com/user/whitehouse On the other hand, can it be blogged enough? Governments of the world, please take notice! This is how I would like to be governed. Should I migrate?

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Today, as a matter of urgency, I am addressing a very serious issue. No, I am not talking about Spooning. I hope we all know about that already… No, on the contrary I am talking about a rather atrocious activity: … Continue reading

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