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Race car

IMG_20130318_095217, a photo by grisch on Flickr. Via Flickr: Old race cars are still race cars. He was first off the lights

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Be Sustainable, Environmental, Responsible by Not Being a Vegetarian

The controversial title made you curious? Let me illustrate to you that it is not just attention seeking but actually a valid statement. In case you are not aware, production of meat is considered a major contributor to man-made climate … Continue reading

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Cost of living – re-examined

When the whole world is frightened by a supposed economic crisis, it is good to keep some calm through a reality check. A recent article on the value of biodiversity¬†(in German) provided just that. The article talks about an ongoing … Continue reading

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Yippee!!! I finished my PhD thesis! A friend got a mug when she submitted, which said “PhinisheD” hehe. Unfortunately at the University of Queensland I just got a piece of paper that said that I submitted. How disappointing! However, the … Continue reading

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