The Qantas A380 is…


A short verdict, but still longer than the leg room and tables in the Qantas A380 economy. Well, I should add that I only tried economy. It is entirely possible that the higher classes in the A380 are actually better than those in other planes, but then again, higher classes in any plane are better compared to economy.

The one big problem with the Qantas offering is that there is no room. The entertainment system is great, the food alright, there even is a power plug to plug in your laptop. However, the tables are so small and the space so short that it is not possible to use anything but a 10″ netbook.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Airbus/EADS and all to do with Qantas. I wonder, why buy a huge aeroplane and then decided to make it less comfortable than previous models? Ah, the answer is obviously profit.

My recommendation: Buy Qantas shares and fly with Star Alliance.

(tested on the LAX-MEL flight end of February)

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