South Yarra train track flooding

Slightly delayed, but I thought I should put a link to my most famous video here:
Almost 9000 views at the time of writing this 🙂

I shot it during the huge rain on 4 Feb 2011 while waiting under the station shelter for the rain to stop.

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Time lapse experiment #2 – rising sourdough

Again using gawker ( I spied on my sourdough, which was rising in a water bath before being made into a bread.

Click “continue” to see the finished product.
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Time lapse experiment #1 – a clear winter day

I found a program that makes time lapse easy: Gawker
Here is the first presentable result. The view from my living room window and captures almost a whole day from 6am to 9pm in just over a minute.

EDIT: youtube quality is not very good. This is the same video uploaded to vimeo. Watch the youtube version for comparison after clicking “continue”.
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Right-click to play DVD folder on a Mac

Have you ever just wanted to double-click or right-click a DVD folder in Finder to play it back in DVD Player?
Here is the solution:
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